We looked for a photographer for ages. We wanted our pictures to be professional but natural, elegant but fun, simple and not posed. We were delighted to find the website of Photoshoots Vallarta after they were recommended to us as the pictures were exactly like that. They were capturing moments of joy and emotion. Our expectations were very high and the least I can say is that they have been totally met.

First during the preparation of the wedding Pierre and Eva were really nice and patient. They listened to all our requests and answered all our questions in a friendly and professional way.

The day of the wedding they were there on time (early actually). They knew actually what they were doing and gave us just the right amount of advice. We were free to act naturally and to completely forgot about them, but from times to times they suggested few movements or places. It is obvious they are used to wedding and always found the nice or useful things to say.

They listened to all our recommendations and all the people and things we wanted in pictures were immortalized.

And the most important thing is that the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. They perfectly capture the atmosphere of our beautiful day, they are natural, original and authentic. We love to look at them again and again and it is just a priceless souvenir of a day that went way too quickly!
— Clémence and Sébastien

Friends and family still talk about how amazing our wedding photos are two years later! I honestly didn’t realize she was even there for most of the wedding. Her photographic style is very photojournalist and fashion inspired which gave our wedding photos a distinct quality that I love. She really makes herself scarce and takes these incredible pictures of moments you had no idea were being captured. I don’t know how she does it.
— Erin and Brandon

Eva took many breathtaking shots, but what we love most about her photos is the subtlety with which she captures the stories surrounding the moment, and the emotion is so many faces. Each time we look at the photos we’re taken aback at how many details we missed the first or second time through them. She truly has an artistic eye, and we are so grateful for all the memories she has helped us capture. I really can’t say enough about her relaxed and reassuring demeanour, she and Pierre work through a crowd in such a subtle and gentle way, you’d almost not even know they were there.
— Scott and Angie

Going into the photography process of the wedding - I was a little uneasy. I am an Art Director and was very picky about the type of photographer we wanted to work with. From my experience with a lot of American wedding photographers at my friends’ weddings, many usually look at wedding photography as a chore to pay the bills and aren’t as passionate.

That was the exact opposite experience we had with Eva. After looking at her great work for Editorial and Fashion, it was a no-brainer that we wanted to work with her. But then we got to meet her, and her warm personality won us over completely.

Aside from her talent, and uncanny ability to capture key moments in an organic way, she was so nice and fun to be around. She is super positive and easy-going on a day that can be very stressful. She loved being a part of such a special day and we liked having her there. Having her around put us all at ease and the end result was the best set of pictures we’ve ever had.

It was absolutely worth the money...Eva went above and beyond the contract every step of the way and Pierre was very easy to communicate with.
— Geno and Susan Burmester